Project Description

Secured Computer

With desired Security, Capacity, Performance

SageMicro’s secured computer solution with its application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) technologies is providing a series of high performance computer products (including desktop, notebook and tablet personal computers) protected by hardware encryption/decryption engines.

Besides the basic configurations and functions as a common personal computer, SageMicro’s secured computer by adopting secured Solid State Disk (SSD) modules provides multi-partitions, hidden partitions and encrypted partitions for customized data security management, therefore, protects data from unauthorized access.

Key Features

  • All data sectors are encrypted by a hardware algorithm engine which embedded in the core controller (an integrated circuit of disk drive). The algorithm can be determined by applications. The typical embedded algorithms are (but not limited to), AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and China Commercial Encryption Algorithms, etc
  • Protect (Lock/Unlock) your computer PC by private password or biometrics identification
  • Reset your computer to its original status when password lost
  • Trigger of automatic data destroy function by suspicious hacker attempts, for example, continuous unlock efforts with incorrect passwords
  • Installed SageMicro’s secured SSD with high capacity (starting from 8GB up to 2TB), good performance and compatible with most of the operating systems
  • Unique disk operation features: physical multi-partitions, configurable hidden partitions and customized password management, etc, prevent from unauthorized access